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Mamoun Nawafleh
مستوى الصعوبة
2 Hr : 30 Min

A Jordanian archeologist and astronomer, specialized in the history of Petra and the Nabatean civilization, has been doing his research about Petra - his home land - over the last 20 years to introduce the real history of Petra through new theories that are based on science and modern studies. This is an experience that is guaranteed to blow your mind by showcasing the greatness of one of the most unique civilizations in history.

ماذا ستفعل في هذه التجربة؟

To this day, Petra remains a mystery. It puzzles many historians, as well as those concerned with astronomy and the environment. It is admired by artists and art schools. However, none of the organizations or individuals made a full and true revision of what has been written about the Nabatean era in general, particularly about Petra. 

As a result, Nabatean places (buildings) remain tied to the names and reasons for being there that have been given to them by travelers and the first explorers. Historians have based their findings about Arab Nabatean locations on what was known about other civilizations. Therefore, most have not considered the Arab Nabatean Civilization as a major platform for their writings. There are some exceptions; those who have merged their writings with descriptions provided by travelers. Also, some archaeologists have worked hard to raise the profile of Nabatean locations and have depended on the Holy names given to them by local people.

During this experience, I will share with you the summary of my studies that will give you a bigger understanding of the true history of Petra, discovering the secrets behind each inscription, the documentation of all the constellations that were gazed at by the Nabatean, and all the great inventions like the Compass and the Nabatean Calendar.


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Dustin Main

Dustin Main

Having had experiences with guides all around the globe, I can certainly say that Mamoun's expertise puts him at the top level. Being in his presence will absolutely enhance your experience of Petra, and you'll leave rethinking not only what you may have heard about Petra, but of language and how history is written. Not satisfied with the stories often told about Petra, Mamoun has devoted the past quarter century of his life to Archeoastronomy, to understand the real Petra story, and the Nabataeans who inhabited it. He's also the President of the Pioneers Association for Astronomical Tourism in Jordan. Seriously, book him.